TV Shows Returning (and a little Doctor Who)

OK, OK, enough with the photography/camera posts for a minute. ;)

Some shows I particularly enjoy are coming back soon, so I thought I’d give them a shout.

Justified is back tonight on FX. The first season was fun, but far too cartoony. The second, however, was really good. It had better pacing, a wider cast of characters, and just a little more believability (I mean, Raylon can’t shoot people that often, can he?). But just a little; it still had plenty of action. Here’s hoping that season 3 is as good.

Another guilty pleasure, Cougar Town comes back on Valentine’s Day (evening, really). I really didn’t expect to like this show, given the original pitch, but it quickly turned into a comedy that Val and I enjoy watching. I’m glad it survived and that it’s back. I hope it keeps going and maybe finds a little more popularity.

Last, and certainly not least, the season 5 premiere of Mad Men will air on March 25th. I don’t need to say much here, I don’t think. I’ll be watching.

Tangentially related, I finally caught up on Doctor Who last night. I’ve still got the last episode rumbling around in my head, but I think I’m a little disappointed. I think the “big question” could be a fun thread to explore, but I felt a little cheated by “The Silence” and the resolution to the Doctor’s death. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think the resolution wasn’t clever enough, given the tremendous way the season started. That was quite a set-up to squander. That said, I think Matt Smith has really hit his stride with the character and made it his own. I wouldn’t mind seeing his split with Amy and Rory become permanent, though; it feels as if there’s not a lot new to mine there, and this is a natural breaking point.