Today’s Apple Event Was a Sh!tshow

I’m disappointed.

The Apple TV “TV” app is a complete bust as-is, IMO. It can’t fulfill its “one place for all” my TV content mission, because it doesn’t have Netflix! Amazon I didn’t expect, given the rivalry, but Netflix?! How can anyone claim to be a one-stop shop for TV without Netflix? I’m sure it’s Netflix not wanting to be aggregated behind someone else’s interface, but man, that’s what I want. One place to browse, search, etc. Netflix is terrible for discovery, and this could really help with that. Not to mention (and I didn’t really expect this) it’s got no way to get to my TiVo recordings.

After all that, it turns out that it’s not even available until the end of the year! Why are we talking about it now then?! Oh, I see. It’s because, despite the embarrassingly out-of-date Mac lineup, we’re about to be even more disappointed, and they need to pad the event.

The new MacBook Pro is impressive enough, but there just isn’t enough sizzle there. I thought the demos of the Touch Bar were good–the Photoshop one was really compelling–but once I got to checkout and the thing was $4k, I just didn’t push the button.

One other reason to not push it? No external Retina Display. Come on! “Partnering” with LG to sell their 4k display is a weak stand-in for a real first-party solution. I was hoping for a 5k Retina Display, like in the iMac.

Aaaaand, that’s it, “thanks for coming”. Futhermucker! No iMac spec bump? The Mac Pro continues to be an embarrassment? I guess so. For fuck’s sake, Microsoft showed them up! Microsoft! This is the worst time to be a Mac lover in recent memory, MacBook Pro notwithstanding. Then, to add to the pain, they quietly delayed the EarPods launch.

Man, what a shitshow of a day.