LensPen Camera Cleaning Kit


I guess it might be because mirrorless cameras’ sensors are not protected by the mirror during lens changes, but the Sony camera I’ve been using seems more prone to getting dust on its sensor than my Nikon SLRs have been. It has a built-in sensor cleaning function, but that rarely seems to get all the dust off. I decided to buy the LensPen SKLK-1 Camera Cleaning Kit, which had good reviews.

It consists of an LED-lit loupe that’s made for looking at a sensor and revealing where the dust is; a squeeze-powered air blower (a la Rocket Blower) for using air blasts to loosen dust particles; and a LensPen designed for lifting the most stubborn dust from the sensor.

The loupe is the main novelty here, and it feels cheaply made for the price of the kit (I paid $44.95 on Amazon). That said, it worked well in helping me to locate the dust on the sensor precisely, and confirm when targeted blasts of air from the blower had removed the dust. Air was enough for my dust issues so far, so I haven’t had to resort to using the LensPen on the sensor, which I was loathe to do in any case.

I waffle on whether it really is overpriced, since it did save me from paying a local camera shop to clean the sensor, which I hadn’t had luck cleaning with an air blower by itself. If I go by results, I guess I have to recommend it. If it were $25-30, I’d endorse it wholeheartedly.