Interesting Pre-Photokina Announcements

The pre-Photokina releases are in full swing, and there are two Canon announcements that I think are interesting. The first is the Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM lens. What a wonderful, eclectic idea! If this were for Nikon, I’d seriously consider it.

The next, the PowerShot S95 is an interation of the S90 that debuted last year. The size of this camera makes it intensely appealing, especially given that its image quality is essentially the same as the G-series cameras. Something to keep an eye on.

Then again, the Micro Four-Thirds camp got a boost with the announcement that Voitgländer is developing lenses for that platform, which is awesome. They’re leading off with a Voitgländer 25mm f/0.95. Nice! I’m not particularly interested in that lens, but I’m happy to hear that they’ll be producing others.

Exciting stuff!