Adobe Says “Fuck You” to Loyal Photoshop Customers

Well, not exactly, but pretty close. They’ve announced that they’ll be releasing support for the Retina Display for their apps, notably Photoshop and Lightroom, in the coming months.

The “fuck you” part comes to those of us who outright own a license to that software, as opposed to their relatively new “Creative Cloud” subscription model. If you get Adobe apps as part of the subscription, you’ll apparently get this support months sooner than will people who own their license.

People who drop the coin on a Retina Display Mac are probably also the kind who just bought Photoshop or Lightroom outright, no? People who have used Adobe apps professionally or seriously for any amount of time have probably long since purchased their copies, no? I bought my first full license for Photoshop (version 2.5, I think) about 20 years ago!

Seems to me that Adobe is screwing their most loyal fans. Luckily for me, I decided to sit this model of Retina Display out, in part to let the software ecosystem catch up to the hardware. So, I’ll probably be OK. In fact, I haven’t yet upgraded to Photoshop CS6 yet, although I do have Lightroom 4. I figured I’d wait for a particularly good upgrade deal on PS, since I use it less frequently than I do LR.

In any case, this is still a shit sandwich for Adobe customers. I really don’t know what this company is thinking sometimes.

Adobe, Just get back to making good stuff and we’ll buy it. No need to be so clever about how to sell it, just kick ass and we’ll come.