Whither Serrano?

If you don’t know what Serrano is already, this post isn’t for you. :)

A Brief History

Serrano’s been around in one form or another for over 10 years. If you go back as far as the BBS-based versions before I named it “Serrano”, it goes back to 1997. Its time may be at hand, though.

I’ve had some long overdue maintenance to do on the server I use to host Serrano, among other things. I decided to do that work yesterday (Sunday), and broke Serrano. The problem is that we haven’t been using Serrano at all, and I haven’t kept up the underlying libraries that keep it working. After taking a look at fixing it today, I found myself asking “Should I?”

The Future

Right now, I’ve redirected it here to my blog. I could get it limping along without too much effort, although search would be broken until I put in more time. Right now, I’m leaning towards letting it go. If you feel that Serrano still has some use, let me know and perhaps I’ll reconsider.