Twitter for iPad

The newly released Twitter for iPad is interesting, but was also an immediate uninstall for me.

I like the design of automatically sliding out a panel to show an embedded URL in a browser without requiring an extra step from me to open it. I was confused when I instinctively tried to swipe it out of the way (which worked), but it wouldn’t get all the way off-screen. The remaining clutter was distracting and I investigated getting rid of it completely, but it wasn’t obvious I could. Overall, that was a near hit for me.

The deal-breaker? No way to send a link for future reading or blogging to Instapaper or the like. I know that this app is trying to appeal to the masses and probably resisted implementing something like that for similar reasons that the same feature isn’t in Twitterific. Still, I need it, and if it’s not an option, I’m out.