Trees in the Parking Lot

Trees in Parking Lot

I bought a Nikon D800 a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t really had much of a chance to put it through its paces or see what it can really do. So, walking to lunch today with my bag, I saw these trees that are finally exhibiting fall color, and shot some. This is no great work of art or anything, but the detail this camera gets is truly astounding.

I accidentally shot this at ISO 200, despite the obvious abundance of light, mostly because I’m used to ISO 200 being the base of my previous camera, the D700; the D800’s is 100. That said, I couldn’t see any penalty for doing so; the image is noise-free as far as I can tell. In fact, this is a crop of well over half the frame I shot, and it still has more pixels than the full frame of the D700. So far, it’s a very impressive camera.

More to come, obviously.