The Best Camera…TM?

If you read photography sites, you couldn't miss Chase Jarvis' announcment of his The Best Camera trifecta of iPhone app, book and community site. The long and the short of it is that Jarvis has been shooting pics with his iPhone for several months, taking some great shots along the way, making the point that if the iPhone's camera is the one you've got, there's no excuse to miss a shot. He's now got his own iPhone app for taking photos and the community site to back the app up. His upcoming book is filled with his own iPhone shots.

Personally, I think all that is great, and Chase's blog is certainly great reading and plenty inspiring. What I did find kind of offensive is that he's apparently trademarked (or perhaps just applied for a trademark for) the line "the best camera is the one that's with you."

This line has certainly seen a resurgence of use lately (hell, I used it a few posts back), and while that resurgence might be due in part to Chase Jarvis, the line itself has been around awhile--certainly before I'd ever heard of him, anyway. And even if it was something he coined, it just feels wrong when you see it spelled out with the TM right after it. Hopefully the community slaps his hand a bit, he backs off and enjoys the otherwise positive buzz that the apps and his book seem to be otherwise receiving.