Sony’s New Cameras

This is a hell of a set of announcements! Sony is really doing some exciting things, and I can only hope this lights a candle under the collective asses of the competition.

The RX1 looks positively stunning–it’s exactly what a lot of enthusiasts have been asking for (EVF is optional, but at least it’s available). That is, it will be if it performs as it should. The asking price is amazingly high, but I have no doubt it’ll sell if the initial reports are good. I’d love to have one, but that’s too rich for my blood.

I’m not particularly in the market for something like the A99, but I appreciate what they’re doing, and it looks like they’re continuing to bet big on the EVF, which is interesting in this space.

The NEX-6 also looks good, although I wonder if there aren’t getting to be too many models in that line-up. It’s not quite clear who the different buyers of some of these models are supposed to be. In any case, it’s clear that Sony is throwing out a lot of bets and seeing what’s successful.

This is a great time to be in the market for a Sony!