Erik and I decided that we needed a long (for us, in our current shape) ride, compared with the quick after-work rides we’ve been getting in. We settled on Skegg’s (El Corte de Madera). It sure did feel good to get a long one in–I need more of that to get into shape. I think we’ll probably add Skegg’s–and its requisite long climb out– to the after-work lineup.

I took the Spot out again today. I was enjoying the ability to change the front fork’s travel for the climbs, down to 110 mm from 140. We ended up climbing Manzanita, a trail I rarely ride and never in that direction, and I forgot about a fairly hairy, rocky descent. I also forgot that I had my fork dialed down so low. That, combined with an ill-timed tap of the front brake, sent me over the bars. Other than pride and a skinned knee, I was fine. More of a bummer was that I broke the little clear window on my twist shifters. Those damn things are only 3 rides old and I already damaged them. :( At least nothing serious was broken.

In any case, I’m enjoying the bike and the differences from my RFX. I think the deeper front suspension and slack head tube angle might have saved my dumb ass from the OTB experience, but oh well. I need to spend more time on the Spot to get more comfortable on it, although I had a great time carving it along the North Leaf trail. It’s a great bike.

The weather today was gorgeous. Clear skies, and early enough that there were no bugs out–a common annoyance at Skegg’s–and the water running through the creek at the bottom was nice.