Sad News for Team Fatty

When I decided to ride in the San Jose Livestrong Challenge, I decided to ride in memory of my grandmother, who died of cancer when I was young. When I told Val that I was signing up, she reminded me of a site called Fat Cyclist that she’s read for a long time.

The wife of the author of the site, Susan, has been fighting cancer for some time, and the site has become something of a rallying point in the wider fight against cancer. Teams had formed in each of the Livestrong cities to raise money in Susan’s honor. I hadn’t followed the blog, but after reading some of the articles, I joined Team Fatty.

I’ve never met Susan or her husband, but their stories have been touching, inspiring and sometimes so honest and open that they’re difficult to read. Sadly, yesterday’s post had more of those qualities than most. Susan has passed away.

Susan’s family and friends have my sincere condolences, and I wish that I could have done something more than the miniscule act of joining their team.