RubyMine 2.0 Beta

I’m a long-time IntelliJ IDEA user, and sorely miss it when using other languages and environments that don’t have such a nice, sophisticated tool. When programming in Ruby, I tend to use TextMate (with the Ruby bundle) and the command line. They work fine, of course, but I always miss IDEA.

JetBrains have been working on a Ruby IDE called RubyMine, but the 1.0 version didn’t seem too solid when I tried it out. They just announced the 2.0 beta version, and I’ve played with it a few minutes and immediately bought it (at a 20% discount during the beta period, BTW). It’s so nice to have a solid set of tools for Ruby, and all the keystrokes and shortcuts that I’m used to from programming Java.

Like I said, a few minutes was enough to pry the money from my pocket, but it’ll take a few hours to see if it lands a permanent place on my dock.