RubyConf 2012 Starts Today

Matz's RubyConf Keynote

RubyConf 2012 just started, and I’m happy to be back here. It’s at the convention center in Denver, as opposed to just being at the Embassy Suites. It’s a bigger, nicer venue, with the main benefit being that it’s downtown and there’s lots of stuff in walking distance. The downside of the location is that there’s no LTE here. The wifi is passable, though.

Matz, the creator of Ruby officially announced that Ruby 2.0 will be released on its 20th birthday, next February. Preview 1 is out today, and he said that Rails 3.2.x should run on it now.

There are a lot of people here, for a RubyConf–I believe I heard 700. When Matz asked for a show of hands of new people, there were a ton. I’d say the majority of the area I was in raised their hands, although I couldn’t really survey the room from my seat.

Photo note: I only brought my Nikon V1 kit and plan to process photos on my iPad 3 with its camera connection kit. I have a few options for processing to try; the photo above was processed with Nik Software’s SnapSeed, which is pretty impressive. Sadly, it appears that I managed to leave my 10mm f/2.8 at home, but do have my 50mm f/1.4 F-mount Nikkor attached to the FT-1 a adapter, so that will have to be my only low-light option. Luckily the kit lenses have VR.