Amazon Hates Comic Books

I went to read some comics today, for the first time in a little bit. Lo and behold, Comixology, which was purchased by Amazon years ago, has just released a “new version” of the app and website, and it’s shocking how terrible it is. You basically shop for comics on the regular Amazon shopping site, and read them in what is essentially the Kindle app, which has added none of the features that Comixology had for, you know, actually reading comics. It’s like no one who worked on it has ever shopped for, or read, comic books before.

This can’t possibly just be a mistake; I can only assume that Amazon has decided to kill Comixology and abandon its customers, and the easiest way to do this is to stop supporting the ecosystem and shove comics in to things that they’re supporting anyway. As a long time customer, I’m beyond offended.

16" M1 MacBook Pro vs. 17" MacBook Pro

I was cleaning a closet and came across my old 17" MacBook Pro. What a great machine that was for its time, but it certainly was a battleship. That’s what I think of my current work machine, a brand-new 16" M1 MacBook Pro, so I took the opportunity to compare them. While big, the 16" is not nearly the behemoth the 17" was, despite the relatively close sounding names.


“A next-generation iMac wish list”

“1975 Honda CT90 Rebuild, ASMR Special”