No Soft Proofing in Lightroom 3?

Lightroom 3 is out, and I’m really surprised at the feature list. Mostly I’m surprised at what’s not there: soft proofing. It’s been a glaring omission and it’s unforgivable that its still missing in the third major incarnation of the software.

I mean, I get that they want people to double dip and buy every Photoshop release too, but I want to do my corrections and printing without leaving Lightroom. Guys, I’m going to buy Photoshop anyway. Can I please just not have to launch it when I don’t need to, other than to see WTF is going to come out of my printer?

It’s maddening enough that I even considered skipping the upgrade for the first time in the program’s history. I decided that I’ll hold my nose and upgrade anyway; $99 is cheap enough that I’ll bite.

I can’t believe that fucking video support made it into a photo application before soft proofing though. I’ll use a video program to work with my video, thanks!