No Shoes In The House

I recognize that I’m a guest, invited to your house, and that there’s a responsibility incumbent upon me to respect the rules of your home. Therefore, when you ask me to remove my shoes at your front door, I’ll do it and not complain. This post is my passive-aggressive way of telling you, since you apparently care enough about my opinions to be reading my blog, that I think that it’s rude to essentially suggest that your floors are more important than the comfort of your guests.

Yes, I’ve seen sites that tell of how much dirt is tracked in on shoes. Yes, I recognize that kids play on floors. No, that doesn’t make me any more comfortable taking my shoes off and putting them back on every time I cross your home’s threshold. And no, I really, really don’t want to wear the slippers you’ve provided in the bucket by the front door.

What do I want to wear? My shoes. You know, the ones I’ve paid a lot of money for. The ones I picked out this morning when I decided what to wear on the occasion of my visit to your home. Did you think I picked the ones that I wore when doing trail work the other day? If so, I promise that’s not ever going to happen, or I’ll volunteer to take them off without you having a rule requiring it of all guests to your home to cover your bases.

We’re friends, so I’m not going to make a bigger issue of this, other than to blog about it. You know, sort of get it off of my chest. And to also say, that when you come to my house, please keep your shoes on. My floors can take it, I can take it and my kid can take it. Wiping them on the provided mat is appreciated, though. :)