New Strava Features: Find a Ride & Flagging Hazardous Segments

Hmm. The find a ride feature is a no-brainer, and a welcome addition to a service that has been iterating and improving on a consistent basis since I started using it earlier this year. Flagging hazards sounds like a good idea on the face of it, but the description of it on the blog is off-putting to me.

Having a warning on a route that there’s a hazard there is a good idea, but stopping the competitive features of the site because someone flagged it? A hazard for one person is a feature for another, and reporting a hazard as “abuse” to get it removed seems clunky too. I’ll have to see it in action to say for sure, but I’m not thrilled with it as-described. Besides, this is something that needs implementing now? There are a ton of other features I’d like to have higher on the list, that’s for sure. I wonder who was asking for this.