Medium Format Digital: The Other Direction?

A little while ago, I posted my thoughts on the meme that DSLRs are dying, which were mostly a reaction to Trey Ratcliff’s article about the same. I was interested to read that David “Strobist” Hobby is seemingly heading the other direction, to medium format. He says he’s not done with the “35mm” format, but that he’s limiting his investment there in favor of bigger sensors. Interesting times.

In my case, I find medium format interesting, but too expensive right now. Especially with DSLRs getting so much better every generation, I don’t feel the need to step up, and my existing investment in Nikon glass feels like the right place to have my money tied up.

If anything, I’ve been pondering whether or not to sell my D700 while I can still get a decent resale price for it, and see what the long-rumored D800 brings. With the V1 filling in for the everyday camera, I would love to have my DSLR be a high-resolution monster. I guess I have to decide about that soon, but I’m still definitely committed to the F-mount for this generation of cameras.