Lightroom 3.2 Release Candidate

Adobe has a release candidate of Lightroom 3.2 (and Camera Raw 6.2) available on Adobe Labs. On top of fixing a slew of bugs, there are a bunch of new lenses available to LR3’s Lens Correction feature. Of particular interest to me are the Nikkor 50mm AFS f/1.4G and, surprisingly, the Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35 ZF.2. I have the ZF (not the .2), and wonder if it’ll be the same. (I know it can’t auto-detect that lens, but I still wonder if the corrections are the same.)

Also of note is a small-lens camera that has been added: the Powershot S90. Disappointingly, the Panasonic GF1 (and other Micro Four-Thirds cameras) are still not in. Still, that’s a pretty good first dot release.

Update 2010-08-10: Somehow I missed a new feature: There’s a new publish service for Facebook now too. Nice! I don’t upload pics to Facebook often enough to pay for a plugin, but I’m happy to have it there as a free, built-in service.