Kodak Files for Chapter 11

I mentioned earlier that Kodak was planning to file for Chapter 11 protection, and they’ve now done it. The Online Photographer has a good write-up and comments section discussing the company.

The camera pictured there, the Instamatic, was also my first camera; it was a hand-me-down/gift from my grandparents, and I loved it. It, along with a Polaroid they later gave me, certainly ignited my interest in photography. I was recently trying to describe to my wife, the nostalgic romance the black-and-white darkroom holds for me, even though the plain fact that I’ll never go back to it from digital printing. The thought of the smells of Kodak chemicals certainly trigger fond memories (a strange concept to someone who doesn’t know what I’m referring to, I know), and I’m sad that Kodak will clearly never again be the same. Hopefully they can find a way to restructure and reinvent themselves into something lasting and relevant again.