How I Got Screwed (Again) by Joyent and TextDrive

AKA: What happened to Serrano?

For years, I’ve used Joyent Shared Hosting, née TextDrive, to host my websites. You might recall that I was notified that those service were going away. Well, one of the founders of TextDrive announced he was coming to the rescue and that our accounts would be moved to a new home.

I was happy to hear that, although I’d already racked a Mac mini at Macminicolo. In fact, the site you’re reading is served from it. Still, some of my domains remained at their old location, because some of them were so old that moving them was a big undertaking.

About three weeks ago, the server at Joyent (called “Jones”) disappeared. I tried repeatedly to contact TextDrive, who was supposed to be supporting me.

I didn’t get any good help. After three days, I got confirmation I was screwed, and that it was an accident; Joyent had shut off the servers prematurely, before my account was migrated. I was told that TextDrive had a backup and would spin up a virtual machine.

Here we are, a couple weeks later, and still no machine nor access to backups. You might have landed here, because I’ve started redirecting domains to this. I’ll attempt to restore the other sites soon. Sorry about the mess.