Here’s How to Respond to Netflix: Cancel Streaming

As anyone with an internet connection knows, Netflix recently raised its prices by an effective 60%. I keep seeing comments about how people are going to “get back at them” by canceling their disc rental plan when the new pricing takes effect. Guess what? That’s what they want you to do. They want to close that part of the business down, so they can be an internet company. No more distribution centers, labor-intensive mailings or physical media.

Personally, I like Netflix’s streaming service, but I like high-quality HD more. I’ll put up with streaming for an old TV show, but I want to watch new content in HD, preferably in the highest quality available, which means Blu-ray. So, if I can only keep one of them, I’ll keep the discs, thanks. And you should too, if the message you want to send is that the streaming catalog and quality aren’t good enough to justify this move yet. If you really want to flip them the bird, cancel the whole shebang, I guess.

Canceling your discs is rewarding their current actions.