GF1 Viewfinder is Here

DMW-LVF1 Electronic Viewfinder in Box

It arrived about 30 minutes ago. First Impressions:

  • It is smaller on the camera than I expected, and the size of the view in the finder is also smaller than I expected.
  • The resolution, while kind of low as was widely reported, seems fine to me. The zooming in effect while manually focusing works well in this context–perhaps I even like it better in the finder than on the camera back.
  • The diopter adjustment is great–dialed it in and the finder is tack sharp.
  • Having all of the shooting info that’s normally on the back (histogram, exposure controls, etc.) in the finder is nice.
  • The finder can tilt upwards up to 90 degrees, which is handy.
  • I wish that I could set the finder to have no post-exposure review, but still have it sent to the rear LCD, like a DSLR does.

More soon.