Clik Elite Camera Back Packs

Just yesterday I was out riding with Shane after work, and it was the first time I took the new GF1 on a ride. I'd liked to have taken more pictures, but I haven't bought a new pouch to wear on my chest, as I normally do with the G9 (the GF1 is just barely too big). So that means that I had to take my whole CamelBak off and dig through it to get to the camera, which I find means I take a lot fewer pictures.

We were riding at Long Ridge and Saratoga Gap right near sundown, and it was unbelievably pretty out. I was happy to have brought the camera, but in tandem for wishing for better access to it, I also wished I had my SLR along.

Sun in the Canopy

This morning, Brian emailed me to share a link link to a company called Clik Elite that is making hydration packs and accessories for "adventure photographers". There are backpacks of various sizes, but also chest-mounted camera attachments that look great. The backpacks have camera compartments as well as camera storage, which is nice, although the integration with a chest-mounted camera is really attractive.

I'll definitely be looking at these. I hear that REI is carrying them, so I'm going to head there and see what they have. I'm thinking that the Compact Sport and the Small Rangefinder Chestpack would be a good start, if that backpack can at least carry the Nikon D700 with the 24-70 f/2.8.