In my neighborhood, we have a truck belonging to a local landscaper that semi-permanently parks on the street. It was originally very ugly: beat up and covered with graffiti. My wife, ever the neighborhood watchdog, called on it and it moved after the sheriff came and tagged it. It’s been back since, but at least now it’s cleaned up and has been painted. (She’s still on the war path, though. ;))

CitySourced, recently launched at TechCrunch 50, ought to be her new favorite service. It essentially allows you to report eyesores with your iPhone (other devices coming) and the service routes your reports to City Hall, or other appropriate authorities. I think it’s a great idea, and the pitch (about 10 minutes long) is worth taking the time to watch.

Of particular interest to me (and my wife) is that San Jose (where we live) is the first city that the company has signed on as a customer. I do wonder how sensitive it’ll be with regard to jurisdictions; we live in a small pocket in San Jose that’s unincorporated and is typically handled by the Sheriff’s department as opposed to SJPD. I guess we’ll find out as you can bet there’ll be a picture of that truck in CitySources soon after it opens to the public. ;)