AT&T: Going to Verizon Will Cost You

AT&T just announced a near doubling of its Early Termination Fee for canceling your contract. It takes effect for all contracts entered into starting June 1. I guess they’re trying to lock in people who buy the likely-upcoming fourth-generation iPhone for those two years. If the rumored Verizon iPhone comes out, or Android phones get too attractive, they want their pound of flesh.

I love the title of the letter: “An Open Letter to our Valued Customers”.

For customers who enter into new two-year service agreements in connection with the purchase of our more advanced, higher end devices, including netbooks and smartphones, the ETF will increase to $325, and be reduced by $10 for each month that you remain with us as a customer during the balance of your two-year service agreement. After that, the ETF will no longer apply.