Ainsley Turns One

We started out wondering if we should bother having a party for Ainsley’s first birthday. After all, she’s just one, and it’s not like she’ll remember it. And she certainly doesn’t need (nor can our house really hold) a bunch of presents. But we couldn’t pass up the chance to get folks together and show off our little one.

Ainsley and Mom

But we have a really small house. We decided to just invite folks with kids (sparing those without kids any possibility of guilt over not coming to a kid’s party). Nice and simple. Then we got a lot of RSVPs of people coming. Man, it’s great that we’re all getting together, but remember the small house thing?

We ended up moving the Airstream from its perch in the backyard and setting up rented tables and chairs and really hoping for a nice day. Well, we were in luck; it turned out to be a nice day with blue skies. And it really was great to see everyone. Thanks to everyone who made it!

Happy Birthday, Ainsley!

On another note, holy cow, I can’t believe it’s been a year! Val counted 12 teeth in Ainsley’s mouth today, and she’s showing off new skills daily. Unbelievable. Val keeps lamenting that we now have a toddler instead of a newborn. Everyone tells you how it flies by, and they’re 100% right—it really does.

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