“You Don’t Know Jack” is Back

Back in the day, I really liked the line of trivia games “You Don’t Know Jack”. Since I got an Xbox 360, I’ve said frequently that YDKJ would be great on that platform. The old versions always had our group huddled around a keyboard trying to play and having a console hooked to a big TV with wireless controllers is a no-brainer to make this game great.

Well, I’m not sure how it slipped by me, but an Xbox 360 version (as well as a few other platforms) was just released today. Awesome! It’s en route, and I’ll post impressions once I get it.

Bonus: From reading online, it’s also compatible with the “big button” controllers that were bundled with the Scene It! games. Those controllers will be perfect, so I’ll have to dig them up, along with some batteries, to be ready for the game’s arrival. Stoked!