Apple Maps vs. Waze

Matthew Panzarino is this week’s guest on The Talk Show, and the article he wrote about Apple Maps I linked to earlier is the main subject. Panzarino mentioned that Apple feels that its new traffic data is going to “do a better job than Waze, or just as good”.

Again, the reason people use Waze isn’t just that its routing information is different (arguably better) that Google Maps, but that it also allows users to tag accidents, police, and other ephemeral on-road events. That’s what they need to aim for, but I doubt that they will. Apple tends to want its apps to be as simple to use as possible, and there’s no doubt that this kind of reporting makes things more complicated. Unless they let you just say, “Hey Siri, there’s a cop”, I can’t see this being in the app.

They might be inclined to figure out how to route you based on what kind of vehicle you’re driving, such as one that’s allowed in the HOV lane, or a motorcycle, for instance.

“Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up”

“Harleys sold in the US will still be built in the US”

New Photo Functionality

I just rolled out the first version of native photo hosting for this site. If you don’t care about nerdy details on the implementation, just click the links in the text below to look at some posts with photos that are now taking advantage of the new functionality.

I’m using Shrine to upload and create multiple sizes of photos. I did an initial stab at this before Active Storage came out, and at first blush, it’s still the more mature, fully‐featured solution. I’m storing photos locally, since it’s my server and has plenty of space, but Shrine can also handle storing photos on Amazon S3 and other cloud providers. For now, local works well.

I generally write posts in Markdown, and added a rudimentary post pre‐processor that looks for custom image tags in my posts and then creates a srcset attribute on my img tags that are rendered. The srcset contains all the available resolutions, and enables modern browsers to download the appropriate version for the display in question. The bottom line is that Retina displays will get the higher resolution images when they’re available, so pictures should look great on those displays. I’ve gone back and updated some recent posts with images. See if you can tell the difference. (I can!) Update: There was a small bug that was preventing the pics from displaying at the correct width; it’s been fixed.

Next up: making photos in posts link to a photo detail page.

I can’t have a post about this functionality without including a picture in it, so here’s one I shot of Ainsley while goofing around the other morning. (Note to self: I’m overdue to report on the new camera gear….)