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“This is how the world’s most covetable cameras get made”

“TiVo flips ‘SkipMode’ around for Super Bowl ad fans”

“Instagram Is Turning Into Facebook”

“Verizon won’t be using tax cut to boost spending on network upgrades”

“Satanic temple challenges abortion law in Missouri”

HBO confirms Game of Thrones won’t be back until 2019”

“Gal Gadot won’t be in Wonder Woman 2 until Warner Bros. dumps Ratner”

“DC is officially stepping away from its expanded cinematic universe”

“Kohl’s will now pack and ship Amazon returns for you”

“Marvel and Star Wars movies will be exclusive to Disney’s upcoming streaming service”

“The new 7,541-piece Lego Millennium Falcon is the biggest and most expensive set ever”

“Game of Thrones season 7: each character’s strategy, ranked by political science”


Our home game has enjoyed from several poker variants, including Onion. Since publishing that write-up, we’ve incorporated another variant that I want to describe here: “Funyun”.

Funyun works exactly like Onion, has the same timing and “peeling” mechanic, but with more cards. This increases the action considerably, but also means that players are even more likely to have peeled cards that they wish they still had, which is the essential fun in Onion, hence “Funyon”. In practice, our group tends to even prefer Funyun to Onion.

Each player in Funyun is dealt six cards. After the flop’s betting round, each player discards two cards instead of Onion’s one. Two more cards are discarded after the turn’s betting round. Each player is left with exactly two cards, just as in Onion (and Texas Hold ‘Em). Like Onion, Funyun is typically played pot-limit. So, in summary:

  1. Each player is dealt six cards face down.
  2. There is a round of betting.
  3. Three community cards are placed face-up for all players to see (“the flop”).
  4. There is a round of betting.
  5. Each player discards two cards face down, leaving them with four cards in their hand.
  6. One more community card is placed face-up for all players to see (“the turn”).
  7. There is a round of betting.
  8. Each player discards two cards face down, leaving them with two cards in their hand.
  9. One final community card is placed face-up for all players to see (“the river”), making five community cards in total.
  10. There is a final round of betting.
  11. Each player remaining shows their cards and resolves their best five card poker hand using their remaining two hole cards and the five community cards, and the best hand wins.

We haven’t played Funyun with any of the “crazy” Onion variants, although there’s no reason why it couldn’t be done.

“iOS 11 Safari will turn Google AMP links back into regular ones when sharing”

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IMAX 3D to Dwindle in North America”

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“Porsche quits Le Mans’ top tier to join electric racing series Formula E”

“Waze arrives on Android Auto”

“Wonder Woman 2 set for release in December 2019”

“Our Dogs Can Get Lyme Vaccines And We (Still) Can’t. When Might We?”

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