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“No charges for NYPD officers accused in Eric Garner chokehold death case”

The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Finale

I really enjoyed the last few episodes, which is a relief. I had been ready to write the show off–and actually would have–except my wife wanted to keep watching. In any case, I’m glad we did. The story picked up the pace, in fact moving a little too quickly; I thought there was more to mine in both the cannibal storyline and the hospital one. It felt like they moved past the cannibals a little too quickly in order to get to the hospital, which then also came to a resolution quickly. I wonder: Had there been no arbitrary mid-season break, would the stories being told here have naturally spread over a couple more episodes, maybe even span to the end of the regular season? I think so. (See below for more on this.)

Regardless, the characters got back together, some quite the worse for the wear. The overarching theme since their dispersal, that the humanity of the survivors is being stretched across a terrible continuum that has many moving the line-that-can’t-be-crossed. It’s been compelling television. The cannibals at Terminus were clearly the ultimate representation of what can happen to otherwise “good” people in these extreme conditions, and we’ve seen our protagonists–particularly Rick–moving down that path to darkness.

Beth, who had been one of the better “good” people, even darkened a bit, having killed live people recently. (It’s weird to make that distinction, but when you “kill” so many “dead”, it’s hard to describe otherwise.) The only person probably more “good” than Beth has been is Tyreese, having recently recovered to that state after a dark time spent battling with inner demons himself. That she met her end in this episode will likely cause the group to skew darker upon the show’s return.

Unlike my earlier stance, I’m looking forward to seeing more from The Walking Dead.

Mid-Season Finale?

I’m going to rant a bit, even though it retreads a bit of ground. How fucking stupid is it that we have a “mid-season finale”? Regardless of the quality of the episode in question, which is high, why is the fucking series on hiatus–only six episodes into its season–until February? And why is there a pre-hiatus finale? I’ll tell you: To build up hype and give them an opportunity to pimp some other show, this time the it’s-got-to-be-doomed-to-fail Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. It sucks, and I hope that either AMC stops the practice or that it fails to generate another show I care to watch.

“‘Serial,’ ‘The Wire’ define Baltimore image in a way PR can’t touch”

“The Wire and Baltimore”

“The Wire in HD”

“Gorgeous (unofficial) Star Wars Ep. VII posters by Phil Noto”

“24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed”

“The Big Difference Between Sony and Fuji”

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Trailer

“Twitter to Start Tracking Which Apps Its Users Have Downloaded”

“There will be a Season Two of Serial!”

The Sony A7II

The Sony A7II is out, and as I’ve said before, Sony’s really doing a great job of bringing the technology I want to see in cameras to their models. In-body image stabilization is in the A7II as it was in the A99 I was writing about then. This has long been something that Nikon has ignored, to its peril, I say.

My “next camera” from the point of view of that earlier post wasn’t a Sony–it was a Fuji, due largely to the wonderful lenses–but Sony is a contender in my mind now. I’ve given up on Nikon seeing the light (on many fronts), but I have hope for Fuji, which has shown that it listens to its customers. Fuji is due (overdue?) to replace its flagship XPro-1, and the de facto king-of-the-hill XT-1 is nearly a year old now, so I’m hoping we’ll see something great from them.

“Tahoe with Jeff”

“Killings by Utah police outpacing gang, drug, child-abuse homicides”

“‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer to debut Friday in theaters”

“Christoph Waltz tipped to play Blofeld in new James Bond movie”

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