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Fuji Not Working With Strobe Triggers?

Another Fuji PSA for those who might be trying to use their Fuji in the studio:

There are two settings I’ve found (so far) that will result in no flash functionality, including firing a hotshoe-mounted accessory like a PocketWizard, Profoto Air, or Elinchrom Skyport.

  • Silent Mode
  • Having the electronic shutter turned on

Hope that helps someone from goofing around instead of shooting!

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Initial Impressions of the Fuji Firmware Release

The Fuji firmware update is pretty slick, but also relatively limited for the older cameras, which is too bad. Particularly too bad for the X-E2, which is still being sold, and isn’t all that old. In particular, I really wish we had the X-T1’s “direct selection AF area using the four-way controller”. I’ve never understood why this didn’t work this way before, and now it’s an option, but only on the X-T1. Also, I’d like to have tethered shooting support, especially now that I’ve got such a nice portrait lens in the 56mm. Jealous.

Still, the new AF+MF is nice, particularly with the 23mm, which used to have to use the clutch mechanism to switch from AF to MF. Now, you just leave it in MF and it will autofocus when the button is half-pressed, but still allow for manual trimming. I usually prefer to set the AF-L button to be autofocus, but that didn’t work with the 23mm’s clutch. My initial impression is that this new method works pretty well. This is certainly a nice benefit to the “fly by wire” focusing mechanism; the clutch isn’t actually a clutch, but a fancy switch that can be controlled by firmware.